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The Search Process will be refined to meet your facility's specific needs.

Phase I 
Search Plan Development

Needs Assessment
This begins with an onsite visit to your facility to interview appropriate management team members. Group or individual meetings may be scheduled at your convenience.

Search Profile
A detailed position description will be finalized. This will include candidate qualification criteria and interview screening questions. The culture of Your facility as well as the company and position enticements will be reviewed for any changes or additions. 

Phase II 
Candidate Identification

Recruitment List
A recruitment list will be created using multiple sources and by targeting similar hospitals. Specific individuals known to your facility will be added to the list. 

Candidate Phone Screen
All interested candidates that meet the criteria in terms of skills and experience will be asked screening questions provided by your facility. Our standard, proven queries will also be asked to uncover hidden talents and/or potential problems. 

Candidate Interview
Qualified candidates will be interviewed either in person or by video-conference. Geographic constraints and expenses will be discussed and approved by your facility.

Finalist Selection
Candidates will be thoroughly screened for skills, experience and culture fit. A list of potential finalists will be developed.

Phase III 
Client Interview Process

Presentation of Finalists
The "finalist" package will consist of resumes, interview summaries and recommendations. We will present our findings to you in person. 

All candidate interviews with your facility will be coordinated as to date, time, place and potential travel arrangements. 

Finalist Preparation
Finalists will have a thorough understanding of the position, the client and the interview process.

Interview Follow-up
Feedback will be gathered on the candidate, followed by feedback from your facility within 24 hours of the interview. Any questions or concerns from either party will be addressed immediately. This same procedure will be followed on subsequent 2nd or 3rd interviews.

Phase IV Offer
Presentation and Acceptance!

Offer Pre-Closure
Prior to the presentation of a formal offer by your facility, we will "test" the offer with the candidate. The candidate will be closed prior to the official offer being extended.

Offer Presentation and Acceptance
Guidance on offer presentation will be provided to your facility and guidance on acceptance of the offer will be provided to the final candidate. 

Accepted Candidate Resignation
The candidate's resignation will be coordinated and verified to ensure a smooth transition to the new position. This includes confirmation of an agreed upon start date.




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